UX UI Designer

I’m a multidisciplinary visual designer, passionate in web/mobile designs, but also interested in VR possibilities as well.

For more than 11+ years I have been designing and developing internet projects working with startups and big enterprise corporations. I have done more than dozens of projects in graphic design, product design, product photography, branding design, but my strongest specialty is web and mobile design, by which I am recognized.

In my work environment I am well known for being good at playing with different styles of design and capable of thinking at a conceptual level across mobile, desktop and print media.

Photoshop, Illustrator are my everyday tools but working for years as a web designer I learned very good HTML & CSS coding, as well as other things like creating advanced WordPress websites in PHP or finding some JavaScript solutions. I also worked with other CMS systems and front-end/back-end frameworks what gives me a better understanding of how things work in the background, as well as deeper cooperation with other developers.

I’m imaginative, intuitive, curious, open minded, self-educated, most interested in doing something creative, and I like to see the world from another perspective. I’m also YouTuber.


Ph: +91 8019702081